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Higher Education & AI-Powered Chatbots

Posted by Mark Feigenbutz on Nov 16, 2018 2:33:05 PM

It’s in our phones, it’s in our cars, it’s in our Netflix account: artificial intelligence. And it’s not stopping there. AI has also begun to work its way into higher education.

Our infographic below outlines a handful of successful AI-powered chatbot integrations for institutions of higher learning. Check it out, get a glimpse of what an AI-powered chatbot can do for your college or university — and then meet Jane.ai.

Meet Jane.ai

Higher Education Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Interested in what an AI-powered chatbot can do for your college or university? Click the button below to find out how Jane.ai can transform your higher learning institution from the ground up!

Meet Jane.ai


Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Higher Education

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