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Inman Connect, Here We Come!

Posted by Mark Feigenbutz on Dec 30, 2018 1:14:36 PM
If you've been following us over the past several months, then you know that Jane.ai is no stranger to trade shows and conferences. In fact, they're our jam. Our bread and butter. Better yet, they're our bread and butter with a side of jam.
From winning the People's Choice Best in Show Award at the Digital Mortgage Conference, to nearly sweeping the HR Tech Conference's Pitchfest — we jump at the chance to demonstrate how Jane.ai is well on her way to revolutionizing each and every industry.
Jane.ai HR TeOur Founder & CEO, David Karandish, getting his demo on at a trade show.
So, what's the next industry in our sights? Real estate. And the next conference? Inman Connect.
That's right, from January 28 through February 1, Jane.ai will be in beautiful New York City (or, if you prefer, The Big Apple, The Capital of the World, The City So Nice They Named it Twice, etc.).
Our Founder & CEO, David Karandish, will be strutting his stuff in Inman's "New Kids on the Block" series, where "the newest startup founders pitch their companies in less than 60 seconds." Lucky for David, 60 seconds is more than enough time to demonstrate the massive disruption Jane.ai will deliver to the real estate industry.
So many real estate agents and brokers are almost always on-the-go. They're often out of the office (that is, if they even choose to keep an office) meeting with buyers and/or sellers, showing off properties, and running from this appointment to that appointment. With all of that bouncing around and schedule fluidity, it's critical to have instant, on-the-go access to any information that will increase an agent's or broker's productivity.
In an upcoming blog post, we'll cover in greater detail exactly what Jane.ai can offer the real estate industry, but for now, here's a tantalizing preview...
Real Estate - Pamela
Every corner of the real estate industry is now at your fingertips.
Will you or your team be attending the Inman Connect conference? If so, we would love the opportunity to show you how Jane.ai can increase your productivity as a real estate agent or broker. You can schedule a time to meet us by clicking the button below!
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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate, Inman Connect

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